Parallel Worlds

epsilon Eridani b 


Activation of the dreaming body while awake brings the ever-present connection to the emanations at large into everyday awareness

Making awareness available to the dreaming elements of the waking world, now attending to the dreaming process and its unique energetic position within everyday awake time

This choice for directing attention to be engaged within the awareness of the awake dreaming body activates its predominance

The activated dreaming awareness entices the everyday attention to rest within it, to merge the mechanisms of awareness into a fluid position that establishes a new orientation

Its ascendancy into the position of energetic emphasis begins to authorize its primacy of energetic orientation

and becomes a natural part of everyday awareness's experience

This shifts perception from the dreaming focus of human kind to the dreaming tapestry of infinity

And making known the existence of Parallel Worlds dreamed



    Forrest Smithson is an American composer from Northern California,

   most known for his acclaimed catalogue of Ambient Electronic compositions

 and Contemporary Classical works